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Mystic Prophet CD cover The goal of my music is to invigorate the spirit and heal the soul. This music is not the type to rock you and get you all excited like normal praise and worship music. Don't get me wrong; I love praise and worship music, but you know as well as I that God likes variety as much as we do. Just look at all the seasons and climates and flowers and birds and bees God has given us in Creation. This is worship music that is different, so sit still and listen; let it soak into your soul.

It is my prayer that my music will touch your spirit at a deep level; that even when you are blue, the fire of God's love is still there and you know it. It is that deep understanding of God's love when kindled in your soul that will start the healing of the hurts that life brings your way. As Christians, we sometimes forget that our personal Spirit grieves for those around us who are hurting and we unconsciously share their pain. We forget to be still for a time and let God via Christ take those hurts from us. This music will help that process.

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